tablets and smartphones LEveryday, people spend more and more time in front of their computer screens, tablets and smartphones. We strive to find new and innovative methods that allow small business owners find a new hope in hosting 3rd party site links to their site. Even though our website is managed by the next generation of entertainment personalities at Drigg-france. This group is dedicated to dominating the market of online teen-centric material that reflects today’s pulse. Here is our team-

The face of the website is its main host and editor, who simply goes by “Drigg.” Drigg's credibility comes from a brief stint as a young villain in a made for TV comedy that appeared once. It also doesn't hurt that he is also devilishly handsome when meeting with female clients. What many of the site's readers don't know, however, is how much work he actually does curating the content.

Drigg-france would be nothing if it couldn't reach its audience. The person responsible for all marketing projects is the former hacker who goes by the name “Spider”. Although she swears all her methods are perfectly legal, she seems to know exactly what black hat tricks don’t get our client sites in hot water. She makes sure the content finds the right market.

The site's webmaster and main content writing is produced by “France Man.’ What makes him unique is that when he's under a deadline, he can lock himself in a room for two straight days and produce hundreds of quality articles. With only energy drinks to fuel him, his teammates wonder how much of him is actually human.

In a world of uncertainty, few things are clear. What is known, however, is that the internet and binging digital content isn't going away any time soon. Additionally, to stay competitive in any industry, individuals must take risks. For the team members at Drigg-france, the goal is not just to stay competitive, but to dominate the entire market. Whether their gambles will pay off or not will be left to fate, chance, and good marketing. Looking to have your site given a make-over for 3rd party ad marketing or want to be considered to be added to our list of growing ads sites- be sure to contact us here:


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