What your website gains from 3rd party advertising

advertising on the website FWhen you are trying to get more out of your website, one of the first things you are likely to consider is ways to make a little extra money. One of the most popular ways to make additional funds through your website is by offering third-party advertising. Third party advertising is a term that is used a lot and is known as a useful way to expand the income from your website. But what exactly is third-party advertising? And how can you benefit from it?

Third Party Advertising

In the simplest terms, third-party advertising is adverts that are placed on your website that link to other websites, with a small amount of money being made each time. For some companies and websites, in-house advertising is used. Sorting advertising in-house may sound preferable as a concept, but the more you research, the more you realize it isn’t. For most companies, third party ad servers are used, with Google Ads arguably being the most well-known. So, can third-party advertising benefit you and your website?


There are multiple benefits to be gained from offering third-party advertising on your website, let’s take the time to look at just a few of them. The biggest selling point of third-party advertising is the cost-effectiveness. For those who choose to use in-house servers, the overheads that come from operating such tools can mount up. A third party ad server will handle all the complicated and often expensive part of the process for you, for a sizable monthly fee.

Knowing exactly how much you will be spending on your Ad Server on a monthly basis will make it substantially easy for you to be able to manage your cash flow. Another big selling point is the assistance you get from a third party Ad Server. Instead of needing to rely on your IT department (or be your own IT department if you’re a sole trader) to be there whenever there is an issue with your Ad Server, using a third party means such issues will be handled for you, with tech support always being included in the price of a third party Ad Server.

Then there’s other benefits, such as capacity, as with a third party Ad Server you don’t have to start with limited capacity which you then increase as you get used to it. Of course, there is also the money you can make, the more traffic you get to your website, the more likely your visitors are to click on third party ads, which will see you slowly building up a profit, as soon as the money you make from the ads goes above the monthly fee for your third party Ad Server, you are immediately in profit, and with the ease of third party options, you won’t have to put any effort into it!

Of course, third party ads don’t work for everyone, but as long as you have a decent number of unique visitors to your website every month, there’s no reason why this couldn’t be a useful source of extra income for you. The details may seem complicated, but the good thing about third part advertising is that somebody else deals with that for you!